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MG ZS EV: The Family SUV

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

The world is ready for EVs. Are you? Electric vehicles, as we are aware use electrical energy stored in the rechargeable batteries of the vehicle to give a smooth driving experience. They are transforming the way we think and use transportation and we see this change across the world. EVs provide high performance as compared to conventional vehicles as they are cheaper to maintain in the long run and they also give one the experience of silent driving. So why not be a part of this phenomenal change!

In this newfangled Electric world, Xobolt has an aim to be the backbone of the EVs in India by providing great services for charging your electric car. Our aim is to provide an easy solution for one of the important concerns of the people in accessing EVs and that is to provide the best services for charging your car so that you don’t have to worry about finding places for charging. Our Charging Management System is formulated keeping in mind the need of every car. Once you get our app, you can access our chargers whenever you want. We provide flexible services as our charging stations are available at the public spaces like malls, offices, highway and you can even get one installed at your residence. If you install our electric vehicle charging station at your car parking spot, you'll be able to give your electric vehicle a full charge without any hassles. Safety as well as convenience are important when it comes to charging, and Xobolt guarantees both.

So with this ease provided by Xobolt, let’s gear up to explore the magnificent MG ZS EV which will change the way people think about electric vehicles because of its all-round experience. The company’s goodwill is such that it got a huge response of as much as 2800 bookings after its launch. Their focus is to be one of the best in this emerging electric segment. They also aim to target the Green Mobility market where people want to experience luxury of comfort. This car is an SUV having a seating capacity of 5. The company began the sale of the MG ZS EV in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad and its test drive is available in these 5 cities. Its booking started in India on December 21st 2019 and the booking amount is Rs. 50,000.

This smart car is available in two variants - MG ZS Excite priced Rs 20.88 lacs (ex-showroom) and MG ZS Exclusive of priced Rs 23.58 lacs (ex-showroom). Both its variants are fully automatic. It is available in 3 exclusive colors- Ferris White, Copenhagen Blue, Currant Red.

This classy car gives a great variety of features at this price range. The new ZS electric vehicle can touch a maximum speed of 140 kmph, while it can make 0-100 kmph in 8.5 seconds. The company also claims that each ZS EV will come with an onboard cable to charge anywhere. See how easy it is to go for EV! The lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 44.5 kWh (Ultra High-Density Battery) and can give you an 80 percent battery charge using an AC fast charger in 6-8 hours, while a similar amount of charge can be achieved using a DC super-fast charger in 50 minutes. A single charge can give you a driving range of 340 km. You can drive the car in three different modes. The Sport mode is for a thrilling driving experience. The Normal mode is for a regular driving performance. And the Eco mode is to maximize driving range. These 3 modes give full scope for planning excursions, trips, picnics, and maybe a long drive with the loved ones! If one purchases an EV, there is also an income tax exemption of Rs. 1.5 lacs paid as interest on the loan.

This car gives a tough competition to other cars in the market for its versatility and is truly revolutionary. It has an excellent build quality and has a great variety of wonderful features like: follow me home headlamp, rain-sensing front wiper, i-Smart EV 2.0: Connected car features, Power fold-able ORVM, 6-way power-adjustable driver seat, Wi-Fi connectivity, tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), Front And Rear Charging USB Ports, Electric Parking Brake etc. Exciting right? So, what’s the wait for?

Some of the specifications which make both the models unique are listed below:

Do you know that by 2025, Norway aims to have 100% electric cars? What an inspiration! There is little doubt of it being a sustainable option. This is also transformational because we not only opt for cleaner energy, but we also enter into the realms of modern technology.

And now that Xobolt and MG ZS EV are there, you can easily go electric! Xobolt will give you a great charging network for your utmost convenience and the MG ZS EV will give you all the luxury and style you can ever think of. All is set for you!

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