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The electrifying Jaguar I-PACE

Jaguar has finally launched its I-Pace in India after what seemed like an eternity of delay. I-Pace is Jaguar’s first all-electric offering. Bookings for this stunner started from November 2020. The I-Pace competes against the Mercedes-Benz EQC electric SUV (launched in October 2020), Audi e-tron (to be launched in 2021) and upcoming Tesla Model X. The I-Pace marks a new direction for the automaker that recently announced its plans to go all electric by 2025. The launch of this luxury electric SUV signals an upward trend and focus on e-mobility in the near future, especially in India.

The Jaguar I-Pace is being offered in 3 variants – S, SE & HSE. Prices are likely to start from Rs. 1.05 Crore for the S trim, with the SE & HSE variants being priced at Rs. 1.08 Crore & Rs. 1.12 Crore respectively. It is a 5-seater SUV and measures 4782mm (length) x 2139mm (width) x 1565m (height) with a wheelbase of 2990mm. With such dimensions and the removal of conventional car tech, the interior of I-Pace is likely to be spacious with ample legroom even for passengers on the rear seat.

Being a luxury segment vehicle, it offers a huge range of features right from the S variant, some of which include automatic headlights, lane change indicators, Automatic headlight leveling system, fixed panoramic roof, tail gate spoilers, heated electric power fold door mirrors with approach lights and auto dimming, acoustic laminated windshield, solar attenuating windscreen, rain sensing wipers, push button start, 2 zone climate control, cabin lighting, auto dimming IRVM, LED rear reading lights, Air quality sensor and many more. Safety features include Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Electronic Traction Control (ETC), Motor Drag torque control, roll back protection, Roll Stability Control (RSC), Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), ABS, Electronic Brake force distribution (EBD), Deployable Pedestrian Safety system, External sound system and a comprehensive system of 6 airbags. Driver assistance features like Driver condition monitoring, Cruise Control & Speed limiter, Front and rear parking aid, 3D surround camera and an optional Adaptive Cruise control pack further enhance drive comfort and safety.

I-Pace is underpinned by an advanced electric vehicle architecture specially designed for this car that delivers excellent driving dynamics while minimizing weight. The battery pack is centrally mounted on the floor which makes for a lower center of gravity with a 50:50 weight distribution. The pronounced front wheel arches, the rear diffuser and other supercar styling elements allow the I-Pace to have flow enhanced design. A drag coefficient of 0.29 Cd maximizes aerodynamic efficiency and range, while the slender spoiler and flush door handles keep the airflow running smoothly over the car. An active suspension system further improves the performance and range by lowering the car by 10mm at higher speeds. The sporty performance is completed by the electric All Wheel Drive (AWD) system that features 2 independently controlled motors. These electric motors are up to 97% efficient and deliver liner acceleration which is instantaneous with no lag and no gearshift interruptions. The peak power of 294kW can take the vehicle from 0-100km/hr in only 4.8 seconds, while the rated top speed is 200km/hr. the 2 motors can produce a combined power output of 394 bhp and torque of 696 N-m.

This electrifying performance and sports car agility is provided by the 90kWh battery positioned within the floor, between the axles. A single full charge is claimed to provide a 470km range (as per WLTP standards). Jaguar provides a comprehensive 8 year warranty (in addition to the standard Jaguar warranty) for its battery pack. A battery powered source so huge is bound to make the future of car ownership clean, convenient, and hassle-free. Having fewer moving parts, also lowers the servicing and maintenance cost which further lowers the total cost of ownership. While a battery operated vehicle will definitely eliminate visits to the fuel station, you will still have to take out time to recharge the battery from time to time. The charge connector is conveniently & discreetly located on the front wheel arch and the charge port allows access to all common international charging standards. The timed charging facility also allows setting of specific charging times to unlock benefit of off-peak electricity tariffs. To charge the vehicle at home, customers can install a Jaguar approved wall-box that can use a 11kW 3 phase AC supply to deliver up to 53 km of range per hour or 100% charge overnight. Alternatively, the vehicle also comes with a home charging cable that can fit in any domestic socket. The charging rates using a home charging cable would however be lower compared to a wall box (up to 31km of range per hour and 0-100% charge in approximately 13 hours). The I-Pace is also equipped to accept up to a 60kW DC charge rate (it is claimed that a typical 50kW charger can deliver up to 270km of range per hour).

Clearly even with a huge battery pack and amazing performance characteristics, the I-Pace would be unsuitable for long distance journeys without a suitable charging infrastructure. Jaguar also acknowledges the lackluster charging infrastructure currently available in India. This is where Xobolt comes into picture by aiming to become the backbone of EVs in India by providing great services for charging electric vehicles. We intend to provide an easy solution for charging (one of the most important concerns with EVs) by providing the best services for charging your electric car.

Our charging stations are available at at public spaces like malls, offices, restaurants, etc. as well as on several locations along highways so you do not have to worry about finding places for charging when going long distance in your EV. Our Charging Management System is formulated keeping in mind the need of every car. Once you get our mobile app, you can access our chargers at your convenience. You can even get one installed at your residence. If you install our electric vehicle charging station at your car parking spot, you will be able to give your electric vehicle a full charge without any hassle. Safety as well as convenience are important when it comes to charging and Xobolt guarantees both.

Battery Electric Vehicles such as the I-Pace making its foray in the Indian market clearly signal an upward trend in electric mobility. With its National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) which provides the vision and roadmap for faster adoption of EV’s India is also aiming to further accelerate this trend and drive rapid adoption of EV’s. This will grow on the back of a superior electric charging infrastructure provided by a whole ecosystem of companies including Xobolt and will also create multiple income generation opportunities for a wide variety of people. Connect with us to explore more of this electrifying opportunity.

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