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The New Sporty EV: Hyundai Kona Electric

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Shiv decided to buy a car but he is bogged by the fact that he would be contributing to carbon emissions and would be a silent culprit of pollution. He wants to buy a luxurious car not from his very first salary but from his savings over a year. He consulted some of his friends but wasn’t convinced by them. “Shiv, don’t think too much, just take it, man! 1 car won’t change anything”. This was what Shiv heard from Akshay who owns 2 cars and seems to be unperturbed by what’s happening with the climate. But Shiv wanted to have both sustainability and luxury at his door. He had a few important questions in his mind.

Would electric cars be efficient?

To address the needs of the people who want sustainability to be deeply embedded in their lives, Electric Vehicles (EV) are a perfect shot! While EVs for quite some time have been in the headlines but people have always had apprehensions regarding the viability of these. There has been anxieties regarding performance, efficiency, comfort, battery life, and battery costs of the EVs. The problem regarding performance of EVs seems to have been tackled by Hyundai Kona Electric.

This time Hyundai has come up with the Kona Electric, with enough cabin room for your busy life and all that it brings. The cabin has sufficient space for up to 373 litres (VDA). Hyundai has taken proper care of comfort by providing the Kona  Electric with adjustable power front seats. Furthermore, it is equipped with a lithium-ion polymer battery which assures maximum output. A digital monitoring system and tyre pressure recording systems are the latest technologies that the car carries. The claimed range of the car as per ARAI is 425 km and it comes with a 3-year warranty for the car and 8 years for the battery. It has multiple charging options:

● DC charge- CCS 2

● AC charge- Type 2

Apart from the latest technologies, the Kona Electric has a sunroof, an 8-inch touchscreen and 6 airbags. One of the best features is that it has a low running cost with a noiseless driving experience. Its user-friendly behavior makes it an absolute fit for any car owner. 

The fanfare around the launch of the Hyundai Kona Electric witnessed apprehensions regarding the saleability when it was priced at 25.3 lakhs. Hyundai Kona Electric belongs to the SUV segment which is one of the most affordable EV vehicles in this segment. When Hyundai first launched Kona Electric in the Indian market, they were targeting a niche population. But the South Korean automobile giant seems to be surprised by 120 bookings within 15 days of its launch. This should have given them a boost to expand their cohorts but remaining undeterred, they announced that Kona Electric will continue being a niche product. The officials have clarified that they won’t be revising the price of Kona Electric until some innovative technologies bring down the prices. Besides the pricing, the Hyundai officials showed their worries regarding the charging infrastructure in India which is still in the nascent stage. In the wake of the problems faced, Xobolt wishes to form a charging network in India that would act as an important catalyst during making decisions regarding the purchase of Kona Electric.

The table below summarizes the specifications of Hyundai Kona Electric:

“What about charging stations?”

We are now coming up to the problem of charging infrastructure which Shiv raised. The most pressing issue which is about the availability of charging infrastructure is being solved by Xobolt. We aim to build India’s largest EV charging network. We understand that like Shiv, many new EV owners would have the problem of access to these charging stations in mind. Well, you can now put all your worries to rest. Xobolt would make sure that charging stations would be available at malls, highways, parking, offices, and around various public spaces. We have come up with a unique CMS (Charging Management System) which would make your drive hassle-free. Xobolt mobile app would allow EV owners to charge their cars from the nearest, fastest or cheapest charging station locations.

Obviously, the benefits of these cars are not limited to their driving experience and sustainability. You would also gain tax redemption and subsidies offered by the government. And ultimately, you would be satisfied with your purchase since your luxury is sustainable. You aren’t enjoying comforts by stealing opportunities from the incoming generations. Pollution-Free and Accessible.

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