This is a heavy duty extension perfect to get charging at remote location with additional ground earthing addon. This extension comes with following features:

1. Extension wire- 12/15/20 m option for 2.5 sqmm 3 core copper cable perfect for long charging cycles. (Finolex/KEI or equivalent)

2. Socket -  16A with self closing hole lid.

3. MCB - 25A Mini Trip to protect against over current.

4. Switch - 2 switches; one to control power and other to select default/external ground earthing.

5. Earthing rod - ~1.75 ft GI rod perfect to create earthing anywhere. (just push it in ground and connect the green wire with male/female plug) and pour some water around.

6. Meter - Digital Energy Meter, so you can track the energy consumed and pay at location with ease.

7. Spool - Perfect to wrap wire around and keep all components intact.

8. Earthing Wire - 10 m 2.5 mm copper earthing wire that will help you reach those far locations for earthing.

EV Charging Extension with Earthrod

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