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Mercedes-Benz EQC : Electrically Intelligent

Mercedes-Benz launched its all-electric EQC in October 2020. The launch was delayed significantly due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. The delay however failed to dampen the buzz around the EV, evident from the fact that by Jan’21 the first batch of EQCs was already sold out in the Indian market. This clearly showcases the positive sentiment of customers towards electric SUV in India. Upcoming launches of similar EV’s like Audi e-Tron, Jaguar I-Pace and Tesla mean that the Indian EV market is only going to heat up. Let’s have a look at what makes the EQC such a hot cake.

The Mercedes-Benz EQC is a 5-seater SUV and is currently offered in a single variant – 400 4MATIC priced at INR 99.3 lakh (ex-showroom). The vehicle is powered by 2 asynchronous three phase AC motors – one each at the front and rear axle making it a 4WD. The front electric motor is engineered to provide higher efficiency, while cruising and the one at the rear is tuned to deliver more performance. When cruising at a steady speed, the EQC is driven almost exclusively by the front motor. During acceleration, the rear motor provide the extra punch to push the vehicle faster. The EQC also using torque vectoring to enhance traction, a choice of five driver modes, and as on other EVs, you can benefit from regenerative braking via a pair of paddles on the wheel.

Looks-wise the EQC brings in the signature Mercedes-Benz look that will make it stand out in a crowd. The design – both interior and exterior – does bring in certain electric elements which is something unique to the EQC. Multibeam headlights are housed in a black high gloss housing and the striking LED light bands at front and rear will particularly capture attention at night. Mercedes-Benz also claims to have developed an EQ-specific wheel design which is optionally available with blue EQ detailing. An electric sliding glass sunroof and a roofline that gently tapers off toward the rear completes the captivating look. EQC’s interior combines the traditional Mercedes and new age electric elements which underscore its uniqueness. The EQC comes with a fully digital instrument panel. Together with the media display, the entire screen has a diagonal width of 10.25” (26cm) and forms a wide screen cockpit where information is shown in high resolution and in color, augmented by elaborate animations.

The EQC comes with features like Energizing package which offers enhanced comfort, Thermotronic automatic climate control – that provides 3 climate zones, the air balance package that ensures improved air quality and a surround sound system that can provide a superior listening experience specifically optimizable for front and rear seats. All these features contribute to an enhanced comfort give a premium feel unique to Mercedes-Benz cars. This is further enhanced by voice control features offered through the MBUX multimedia system and superior connectivity features like smartphone integration and wireless charging. EQC also comes integrated with the EQ app that allows you to remotely track your vehicle and optimize your route for maximum range and minimum energy demand.

All basic safety features are integrated and enhanced in the EQC. Rear sidebags, kneebags and the pre-safe system ensure complete passenger safety before, during and after any incident. The anti-theft protection package comes preinstalled and is equipped also for collision detection. Optional parking packages assist the driver with sensors and cameras to search for parking space along with parking support. A 360-degree camera provides a view of every angle around the vehicle and greatly helps to avoid parking damage. Other features include adaptive high beam assist and multibeam LED.

The EQC comes equipped with a massive 85kWh Li-ion battery pack that is placed between the wheels and weighs 652kg. This huge battery allows the 2 motors to produce a combined power of 408 hp and a huge 765Nm torque. While the claimed range is 370-414 km, in a real-world scenario it would be somewhere around 350-375km, when driven efficiently. Mercedes plans to provide and install a wall-box charger at the vehicle owner’s residence which can charge at 7.5Kw and will take approximately 10 hours for a full charge. There is also the option to charge using a regular 15A plug at 3.4Kw in a leisurely 21 hours. But considering that charging will not start always from zero, these times will be lower in real life.

Mercedes is also planning to set up a few 50Kw fast chargers on popular routes outside town which can charge the vehicle fully in 1-2 hours. It already provides charging facilities at all EQ dealerships. However, a quick look at the map provided in the EQC brochure cant help but create range anxiety among anyone planning to buy this EV. Clearly you will be left wanting for battery charge if you plan to travel on routes like Lucknow to Guwahati or Hyderabad to Goa.

This is where Xobolt comes into the picture. Xobolt will be the backbone of EVs in India by providing great services for charging electric vehicles. We intend to fill the gaps in India’s EV charging infrastructure by providing easy charging solution along all routes. Currently our charging stations are available at several public spaces like malls, offices, restaurants, etc. as well as on multiple locations along highways so you do not have to worry about finding places for charging when going long distance in your EV. Our Charging Management System is formulated keeping in mind the need of every car. Once you get our app, you can access our chargers at your convenience. You can even get one installed at your residence or office parking space if you like and give your electric vehicle a full charge without any hassle. Safety as well as convenience are important when it comes to charging and Xobolt guarantees both.

Electric Vehicles such as the Mercedes Benz EQC getting sold out, clearly signals the huge market demand for electric vehicles. Even the Government acknowledges this and has launched the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) which provides the vision and roadmap for faster adoption of EV’s. As the number of EV’s grow, so will the need to have a superior electric charging infrastructure provided by a whole ecosystem of companies including Xobolt. This will also benefit the community at large by creating multiple income generation opportunities for a wide variety of people. We at Xobolt can help you take advantage of these opportunities. Connect with us to learn more!

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