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TATA Nexon EV: India’s eSUV

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Your smart choice will make a difference! The concept of electric vehicles (EVs) has been the talk of the world for some time now. However, it has drawn considerable attention in the past 2 to 3 years as the earth is experiencing climate change, caused by air pollution and a rising human carbon footprint. Fuel-based vehicles have contributed much to that, but now it’s time for environmental sustainability. EVs are mainstream today and you are not alone wondering if they're a viable option for you. Well, they really are! This paradigm shift towards EVs is practical due to their great performance, fuel savings, and a variety of driving ranges in these cars. A lot of consumers are already attracted to EVs considering the environmental, economical, and social benefits of it. Fossil fuels are predicted to run out sooner or later, but advancements in battery technology have provided us with the best alternative. We’re soon going to enter the ‘electric era’ and kudos to you if you're making an early start!

With this paradigm shift in mind, TATA Motors has launched the magnificent Nexon EV. This compact 5 seater SUV is an aspiration for the personal car buyers looking for exciting jaunts with their family and friends. You not only feel elated by the seamless drive but you also have parking convenience in congested areas because of its compact design. The car has a 30.2 kWh high energy density Lithium-ion battery pack which can be charged through a couple of modes -- fast charging (CCS 2 plug) and regular charging (any 15 A home plug point). The CCS 2 can charge 0-80 percent in 60 minutes, while a regular charger can charge 10-90 percent in around eight hours. A single charge can give you a consistent drive of over 312 km. The battery also comes with an attractive warranty period of eight years or 1.60 lakh km.

As a user, you would require external charging points for your car which would understand your car needs and ensure that the current flows in just the required amount without any electrical faults or fire. Well, you just don’t need to worry about finding that place anymore as Xobolt is there for your help. We provide complete EV charging network solutions across India with seamless experience to get your EV charged. These EV chargers are available for apartments, offices, highways and commercial areas where you often park your EV for a few hours. We understand that the foremost hurdle for buying an EV is accessibility of charging locations. Xobolt is proactive in analyzing your needs and we aim to create India’s largest EV charging network. Our charging management system (CMS) is designed for every car's requirement and is one of the most user-friendly in the market. And most importantly, once you get our mobile app, you can access our chargers wherever you go.  We provide end to end charging solutions. Experience Xobolt and your charging worries are gone!

Anyway, moving from battery charging, let’s explore more about the flashy Nexon EV. With its bold features, it is still designed for the highest comfort and convenience. Bookings for the electric vehicle started on December 20, 2020, for a token amount of Rs 21,000. It is available in three variants -- XM, XZ+ and XZ+ Lux, across 60 authorized dealerships in 22 cities, with a price range from Rs 15 lacs to Rs 17 lacs (ex-showroom). The car gets snazzier with a range of aesthetic interior and exterior designs. Some of the prominent features are- a powered sunroof, dual airbags for the safety of the driver as well as the co-driver, leatherette seats and upholstery giving you the ultimate comfort, the leather-wrapped steering wheel for a smooth grip, camera-based reverse parking for safety, projector headlamps and front fog lamps, ISOFIX child-seat mount, fold-able armrest, and rear AC vents, etc. All the variants are automatic and will give you the joy of silent driving experience, as compared to noisy engines. This is the unqualified promise of the TATA Nexon EV.

TATA Nexon EV is available in three exciting color options – Signature teal Blue,Glacier White and Moonlit Silver.

There are also a lot of government incentives like income tax benefits or FAME subsidy provided across various states to promote the use of EVs. If you own an electric car then you’re a responsible citizen who cares about his environment; you can surely be proud of contributing your bit towards the environment and for also being part of this new culture of electric mobility.

We’re that sure you're ready to explore this new dimension of driving with the Nexon EV and Xobolt for the ultimate driving experience!

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